Canon EOS 300D

Review created 2005, latest update 2012. photos: Canon EOS 300D

Canon EOS 300D (aka Digital Rebel, Digital Kiss) was the first SLR and DSLR body I have ever owned. I used it from September 2004 to December 2005 was very satisfied with it. It was great first DSLR and I took a huge leap forward with it as a photographer. Canon 300D had wonderful image quality and low noise to compared to the standards of that time.

Upgrading to Canon 300D from Nytech ND-4020 was a great leap towards better photos. A big improvement was the overall handling. But the most significant change was with low light performance: with 300D I was able to take great photos with much less light like indoors without a flash. I could use long exposure times without ruining the photos with noise.

A special feature with Canon 300D was that by installing “the russian firmware” it grew up and became a poor man's Canon 10D including ISO 3200 and mirror lockup function.

Eventually I came into conclusion that it lacked the speed I needed at cat shows and so I got Canon 20D.

My 300D was repaired once. The camera suddenly stopped focusing and a part called “sub mirror stopper” was replaced after approximately 40,000 shots while the body was under warranty. After that the camera served several years as a backup body for me and as a primary body for another owner. I then got the body back to do some nostalgy shooting and the shutter failed.