Canon EOS 20D

Review created 2006, latest update 2011. photos: Canon EOS 20D

Canon EOS 20D was my primary camera body from December 2005 to October 2007. It was sold at October 2007 just before the purchase of Canon EOS 40D. Note that Canon EOS 30D is essentially the 20D boosted with a larger LCD, a new firmware and yet another set of auto focus points. So all that is written here about Canon 20D are likely to match also to Canon 30D.

Canon 20D offers good image quality and low noise even at ISO 1600 and ISO 3200. Although Canon 20D is an amateur body it has a pro touch having a solid mechanical structure. I found 20D to be a nice camera for my purposes. Before 20D I used Canon 300D which was fine on image quality but pertty much lacked the speed I needed at cat shows. Moving from 300D to 20D was a small improvement in image quality and a giant leap in speed. Faster shutter rate, faster processor, much faster CF write time. Canon 20D writes to the CF even when the shutter is half pressed.

My 20D was sent to service station once. In extreme conditions (indoors at high temperature and humidity combined with shooting a lot of photos) it had a habit to get jammed once in a while. All operations suddenly freezed and a reboot or battery removal was needed to restore the normal operation. So just before the warranty expired I sent the body to service station and some electronics was replaced.