Seculine Zigview S2

Written in 2007, latest update 2011.

Seculine Zigview S2 was a nice addition to my camera bag. It consisted of a small camera that attached to the viewfinder of an SLR and then after a cord there was a small LCD screen to display the viewfinder image. The pros were that Seculine Zigview S2 worked as expected and was handy when trying to lower my shooting position. The con was rather short battery lifetime. What could have been handy too would be an extension cord to the camera's shutter release button.

Today most cameras have an ability to use the camera's built LCD screen as a viewfinder display. Due to this products like Seculine Zigview S2 are no longer needed.

There are plenty of photos shot with Seculine Zigview S2 at but since the information of using it has not been recorded to the images it is very hard to find them there.

I even managed to build a custom viewfinder adapter to fit the thing to my Canon EOS 1D Mark III.