Kenko EF Extension Tubes

Written in 2012.

I have a set of Kenko extension tubes to be used with my EF/EOS lenses. These tubes do have EF electronics coupling so the camera will at least try to focus automatically. These same tubes are available under different brands.

I have tested the tubes and they do work as expected. With a 50 mm lens you are able to focus the lens much closer than usually and so boost the macro capacity of the lens. Of course what you lose is light. The tubes find they natural place to be used outside when there is a bright weather. The tubes is a cheap way to test macro photography. Of course real macro lenses like Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L Macro IS USM offer better results and more light.

If you use several tubes once you will find that sometimes the electronics coupling is not made and you need to rattle the tubes to make a better contact.