Tamron 2X MC7 C-AF1 BBAR teleconverter

Review of Tamron 2X MC7 C-AF1 BBAR teleconverter. Review created 2005, latest update 2013.

catza.net photos: Tamron 2X MC7 C-AF1 BBAR

  • a typical seven-element 2x EF teleconverter
  • estimated retail price 200 EUR
  • in my use for several years
  • as my requirements on image quality got higher I no longer had use for a teleconverter
  • an easy and cost-effective way to double focal lengths (I used this with Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6 APO Macro Super II to shoot the moon)
  • doesn't stop the body from autofocusing since body is uninformed that there is a teleconverter present (in bright light this really helps)
  • gives better results than the cheapest 4-element teleconverters
  • very simple to use
  • very easy to carry around
  • causes visible loss of saturation, contrast and sharpness even with primes
  • many buyers expect miracles but there are none
  • some lenses that have a protruding rear element can crash with this and ruin both