Lensbaby Composer

Review of Lensbaby Composer special lens. Review created 2010, latest update 2013.

  • the strangest lens: strange to use and you get strange results
  • estimated retail price 200 EUR for the base and double class optic
  • in my use from 1/2010 to current date
  • I currenlty have the base, double class optic, single class optic, soft focus optic and the creative aperture kit
  • if you are looking for something different then this could be it
  • is not a toy
  • rather nice images in terms of colors, contrast and sharpness compared to the toyish appearance of the lens
  • swappable optics means that you can do a lot with this lens
  • the base and double class optic is a good starting package since double class optic is often the most useful optic
  • you have to invest not only money, you have to invest time to learn
  • is 111 percent manual: focusing is manual and aperture disks (black rings) are changed manually
  • the swappable optics means that you can can keep on buying more and more