The future of DSLR bodies

This article was written in 2008.

In my opinnion the DSLR bodies have been designed very conservatively. There is really not much new and innovative in them. The marketing hype just exaggerates all the minimal improvements. What are the features I would like to see on future DSLR bodies?

  • API (Application Programming Interface) for adding my own enchangements to camera's firmware and hook it up to external software
  • A DSLR having the firmware released as an open software in order to boost independent software development on the body
  • Assisted smart manual exposure programs: I would like to have a manual exposure program where using only one dial it would be possible to first run the exposure time down to 1/125 seconds, then the aperture to f/2.0 and after that the ISO up to 3200. This program would allow me to push first the exposure time, then the aperture and finally the ISO by just rotating a single dial. I wouldn't have to mess with three controls of shutter speed, aperture and ISO setting.
  • More dynamic range on the sensors.
  • Although noise is not much an issue (if you have a modern body and you now how to make a proper exposure) even less noise on high ISOs is always nice thing to have.

It is not very likely to see the first three wishes to come true. When they have finished adding the HD video modes they'll probably first add more and more autofocus points and then start developing 3D photography features for selling us some sort of twin bodies with twin lenses for double the price.