Canon EOS 6D

Compact review created 2014. photos: Canon EOS 6D

Canon EOS 6D is my current primary camera body. I've been using it from August 2013. It replaced Canon EOS 1D Mark III in my bag and for me it is the first full frame camera body. These are the things that I've noticed:

  • It is hard to step back down from 1D-series camera to a hobbyist camera. I feel that 6D is slow and a little unresponsive. I think this is not really the case but it is just an reminder how fast and responsive the 1D was. I miss my 1D!
  • The laboratory measured noise behavior of 6D is much better than with the 1D. But in real photography results the difference is rather small. The noise pattern is different and I think that 6D delivers noise pattern that looks worse than 1D's noise pattern. This narrows that gap between the two cameras. In general terms and in my current process (RAW & Adobe Lightroom) I'd say that 1D's ISO 6400 is comparable to 6D's ISO 8000. So going from 1D Mark III to 6D won't blow you mind off.
  • The focusing system of 6D seems to be good enough for my use. I use solely the center point and 6D has very good center point. I think the focusing is a little slower than it was with 1D.