the t.bone IEM 100 In-Ear System

Written in 2013, latest update 2017-10-20. As of 2017 I would choose bluetooth headphones over this system. You can now get good bluetooth headphones on very low prices.

I had cheap wireless headphones and used them at home for years. They were from Lidl supermarket and compared to the low price they worked fine. The issue started to be that after about ten years of use the foam ear muffs were almost flat and wearing the headphones started to be uncomfortable. Also the reception was not perfect in the far corners of my flat. When it was time to replace the Lidl headphones I noticed that Thomann sells cost-effective ear monitoring systems. I decided to try how it works as a wireless headphones replacement.

I ordered a 800 MHz transmitter-receiver -bundle called the t.bone IEM 100-800MHz UHF Wireless In-Ear System. The system came with a nice carrying case and a small plug-type T.Bone EP3 headphones that looked so uncomfortable that I didn't use them.

I've now used the IEM system well over a year and here are the current conclusions.

  • good audio quality (or at least much better than my earlier wireless headphones had)
  • you can use the headphones you choose
  • the reception is now perfect everywhere in my flat including the balconies
  • the receiver provides plenty of volume and can easily drive even high quality headphones
  • the transmitter looks professional and your guests will ask what is it 8-)
  • if you happen to need an IEM system once in a while in your music hobby, you have it
  • the need to carry the separate receiver with you
  • more expensive than typical wireless headphones
  • batteries don't last long: you truly need some rechargeable AAs and a charger
  • not all rechargeable AAs fit into the battery compartment (I have troubles to fit in 2700 mAh cells)
  • after a year of active use the receiver's battery door no longer fully closes and the antenna looks less than perfect (but everything works fine)
  • after four years of active use receiver's battery door has gone missing and the antenna looks very funky (but everything works fine)