Novation Mininova

This review is based on a brief testing of Novation Mininova. Written in 2014, latest update 2017-10-20.

I was looking for a vocoder and got insterested in Novation Mininova synthesizer since it has a nice vocoder built in. I had a brief testing session with Novation Mininova synthesizer. Here are my initial findings.

I have to say that Novation Mininova feels toyish. The sounds are strongly biased towards EDM. The sounds are lacking depth and soul. There is not much in the sounds that would make then unique. I bet that there are at least twenty synths in the market that could sound exactly like this.

  • Parents that are buying a first synth for a kid or a teen
  • Those that are low on budget
  • Those that need a vocoder
  • EDM-oriented synth players who are happy with small miniature keyboard and pre-canned EDM sounds
  • Users that need an ultra portable synth solution
  • Advanced synth players
  • Those that are looking for something other than EDM sounds
  • Those that want to edit the sounds or create their own sounds. They get much more when they buy Waldorf Blofeld
  • Those that expect a synth to have a signature sound
  • me