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Listing last updated 2021-09-07.

Artist Album Style Format Date From
WASP Helldorado Heavy Rock CD 2000 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
WASP The Last Command Heavy Rock MCR
WASP WASP Heavy Rock MCR 28.1.1984
Waltari Decade Experimental Techno Metal CD Stockmann Tampere
Waltari Early Years (Monk punk & Pala leipää) 2CD 5.7.2009 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
Waltari Radium Round Experimental Techno Metal CD
Waltari Space Avenue Experimental Techno Metal CD Anttila Pori
Warmen Accept The Fact CD 7/2009 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
Warmen Beyond Abilities Melodic Power Metal CD 30.11.2001 ENT Megastore Itäkeskus Helsinki
Warmen Unknown Soldier Melodic Power Metal CD 14.7.2001 ENT Megastore Itäkeskus Helsinki
Watchtower Concepts Of mMath: Book One CD 2018 EMP webstore
Wayne Metal Church CD 18.8.2001 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
West East Youth Gone Mad Rock CD Anttila Helsinki
Western Themes 20 Greatest Western Themes Instrumental CD
When The Empire Falls When The Empire Falls CD 2008 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
White Devil Reincarnation ED 30.7.2001 Ariman webstore
White Lion Mane Attraction CD Ariman webstore
Whitecross Equilibrium CD
Whitesnake Best Of Whitesnake Hard Rock CD 19.4.2003 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
Wild Force Wild Force CD Ariman webstore
Winds Of Eternity And Mind CD 19.4.2003 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
Winds Reflections of the I Progessive Metal CD 3/2018 Levykauppa Äx
Winter Rose Winter Rose CD 2000 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
Winterkill Taming The Wolves Heavy Metal CD 12/2001 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
Winterstorm Cube of Infinity CD 10.9.2020 EMP webstore
Wisdom Call Wisdom Call CD 4.12.2001 CDON webstore
Without Warning Making Time Progressive Melodic Metal CD 8/2007 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
Without Warning Step Beyond Progressive Metal CD 3/2018 Levykauppa Äx
Wizard Head Of The Deceiver True Metal CD 3.9.2001 CDON webstore
Wolfmother Wolfmother CD 1/2007 CDON webstore
Wolfsbane Lifestyles Of The Broke And Obscure Hard Rock 2CD 11/2003 CDON webstore