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Artist Album Style Format Date Origin
Nightwish Angels Fall First Melodic Power Metal CD Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
Nightwish Century Child Melodic Power Metal CD + VCD 24.5.2001 Citymarket Riihimäki
Nightwish From Wishes To Eternity - Live Melodic Power Metal DVD
Nightwish Oceanborn Melodic Power Metal CD
Nightwish Once Massive Power Metal CD 2004 Anttila Itäkeskus Helsinki
Nightwish Over The Hills And Far Away Melodic Heavy Metal SD 25.8.2001 Anttila Asematunneli Helsinki
Nightwish Walking in the Air Melodic Heavy Metal SD Anttila Helsinki
Nightwish Wishmaster Melodic Power Metal CD Anttila Asematunneli Helsinki