Ingo Weidner's Analog vs. Digital Soundset for Waldorf Blofeld

Written in 2014.

  • The soundset reviewed: Ingo Weidner's “Analog vs. Digital” Soundset for Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer
  • Sounds: 128 (one Blofeld bank)
  • Price: 30 € including VAT

This soundset contains very realistic representations of sounds of many classic synthesizers. Waldorf Blofeld's natural sound is brighter than most classic synths and some purists might say that some of these sounds are too clean. But I think that most synth players and music listeners will find these sounds to be just perfect.

If you are looking for new radical sounds then this is not the soundset for you. These are classic sounds. This soundset shines on synth brasses and synth strings. Now having this soundset I have plenty of those and with some minor parameter tweaks it is easy to create unique new versions out of them.

There is ARP 2600 stuff that I found mostly to be too simple for my taste. There are faithful representations of FM sounds and PPG synth sounds that are realistic but in my opinnion hollow and thin and so I found them to be outdated. There is just one bass sound, a two or three arps, no drum sounds, no sound effects.

Here is a table of some notable sounds in this soundset.

Sound number Sound category Sound name My comments
 003  Poly  APR2600 Brass a clean and minimalistic polyphonic synth brass sound, a mother of all synth brasses
 012  Poly Black Moon 1 classic analog-sounding thick polyphonic synth brass
 018  Pad Comb Strings bright polyphonic strings sound that really takes mind back to the good old times
 026  Keys FM Harpsi this is an example how faitful this sound library is, I personally found this sound and many FM sounds to be just outdated and hardly usable today
 030  Poly Horny P5 yet another very simple but beautiful synth pad sound, sounds realistically old
 034  Poly Hyperpoly a thick and powerful synth sound , one of the biggest sounds on this soundset
 036  Poly JP8 Brs 2 a nice analog sounding Roland Jupiter 8 synth brass
 037  Pad JP8 Strings 1 perhaps the best synth strings sound in Roland Jupiter 8 style, bright and very convincing
 038  Pad JP8 Strings 2 a slow attack version of synth strings
 041  Poly Juno Saws 2 brass-style minimalistic synth sound that can be heard on many early 80's soundtracks
 047  Lead Mama 2010 synthetic choir aahs
 048  Lead Mini Arkaos check this out if you are looking for a basic synth lead sound
 049  Lead Mini Lead check this out if you are looking for a basic synth lead sound
 063  Poly OB-X Brass another good synth brass contestant, filter opens nicely on attack phase
 064  Poly OB-X Jump Van Halen's Jump, do I need to say more?
 070  Poly P5 Budokan for playing classic synthesizer themes with a synth brass sound
 078  Pad SawStrings a classic synth strings sound
 082  Lead P5 Sync Ld 2 reminds me of Jarre's laser harp
 085  Pad Phaser Sweep synth pad with nice phaser effect (play long notes or long chords)
 090  Keys PPG A.T. 037 a synthetic xylophone sound
 094  Poly PPG Brass a little bit lo-fi sounding synth brass sound, one of the good PPG sounds in this soundset
 102  Pad PPGFactory073 an example of PPG sounds that are outdated and hardly usable today
 109  Pad PPGFactory110 lo-fi sounding synth pad with strong attack and long release
 114  Poly SchillOutBell synth bell sound with delay, can be used to create rythmic synth patterns
 116  Lead Simple Saw Ld toyish sounding monohonic saw lead, too simple for any real use
 119  Pad Synthex Strgs if you are looking for very synthetic synth strings, this might be it
 123  Lead Uni Saw Lead the grand standard of monophonic saw lead sounds
 128  Pad Big Bad Pad synth pad that reacts strongly to velocity (the harder you hit the keys the brighter sound you get) and remember to test the modulation wheel