Comparing the small Waldorf synthesizers

Created 2015, latest update 2017-10-18.

A German company Waldorf has come up with a set of interesting small form factor hardware synthesizers: Blofeld, Pulse 2, Rocket and Streichfett. All the three boxes have their own fields where they shine.

Waldorf Blofeld Waldorf Pulse 2 Waldorf Rocket Waldorf Streichfett
What it is A digital general-purpose synthesizer offering wide sonic possibilities A modern approach to an analog synth An affordable little monosynth for strong analog sounds A synth for generating vintage synth string and choir sounds
How it sounds Bright and a little bit metallic but in a pleasing way Analog in a modern way Strong and analog Vintage
What it can deliver Almost any sound you wish for, if you know how to set the parameters All you can expect from an analog synth Analog leads and basses From a tiny beep to a massive wall of choiry synth strings
What it can't deliver Analog instrument imitations (pianos, violins, horns) based on sample banks Digital sounds Soft pad-type sounds Not a general-purpose synthesizer so farther you drift from synth strings less is what you get
What I use it for Complex pads and atmospheric ambient sounds Anything analog I might need Analog lead and bass Synth strings
What would I compare it against Any general-purpose digital synthesizer Full-fledged analog synths All those new affordable analog monosynth boxes There is nothing to compare it against as it defines an instrument class of its own
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