Electric Body Machinery Soundset for Waldorf Blofeld by Ari Ahrendt

Written in 2014.

  • The soundset reviewed: Electric Body Machinery Soundset for Waldorf Blofeld by Ari Ahrendt
  • Sounds: 128 (one Blofeld bank)
  • Price: 30 € including VAT

This soundset attempts to cover a wide range of sounds of electronic music. In 128 sounds it achieves this nicely but of course not perfectly. The sounds are rich and punchy. Many of them evolve over time. You can hear the characteristics of Blofeld in the sounds and I feel these kind of sounds are very natural for Blofeld.

The sounds are ordered logically: first comes basses, then polyphonic sounds, then pads etc. The polyphonic sounds and the pads are great and they are together the best content of this soundset. There are also some highlights in monophonic lead sounds. There is only a few arps but they are quite nice. The drum sounds I found not to be very interesting.

Here is a table of some notable sounds in this soundset.

Sound number Sound category Sound name My comments
002 Bass Boss Fight a colorful synth bass sound with an metallic edge
005 Bass Den Oisary a synth bass sound that can be used in many misc styles, reacts nicely to filter 1 tweaking
013 Bass Fulterpilse another multi-purpose bass sound, interesting tones can be created by tweaking filter 2
023 Poly A bit Melody a rich and evolving synth sound, works best on melody not on chords
028 Poly Feindsender a synth sound that distorts when hit hard
029 Poly Flameworks a prowerful synth sound with strong attack, can easily carry the song by itself over the passages
030 Poly G. Jaeger for example for playing dream-like melodies in ambient songs, one of the best sounds in this soundset
033 Poly Minimalelectro I can already hear this playing simple electronica melodies in many songs
038 Poly WavEarthball Yet another good sound for synth melodies
048 Pad The Warmth a slow and warm synth pad sound
051 Pad Warm Opera one of my favorities, a litte bit organ-like synth sound and a hint of drama
053 Pad Autum Waves warm pad for slow chord progressions
055 Pad Star Cloud a pad sound with evolving phaser effect
058 Pad Planet Earth this is ambient!
065 Lead Nitrogen this sound and the few next sounds are quite unique and good-sounding synth lead sounds
073 Mono Silverblade a powerful lead sound that is to be played legato to get a nice sound progression
074 Mono Moon Flute a powerful flutish monophonic synth lead sound (try playing legato)
077 Mono PPKSiberiade very minimalistic synth lead sound but also very tempting, sounds like I've heard this before but can't recall on what song
085 Keys Witt o Water nice idea, a synth accordion, I was not expecting this
090 Keys Keybells the sound name says it all
091 Arp Sweet Bells a nice arpeggiator sequence for song intros or for background
103 Drum BD - Impact a powerful analog-style bassdrum with a resonating bass note
126 FX FX Galaxy every fx soundset must have “an alien spaceship takeoff”