Alien Vanguard Soundset for Waldorf Blofeld by HG Fortune and Dimitri Schkoda

Written in 2014.

  • The soundset reviewed: Alien Vanguard Soundset for Waldorf Blofeld by HG Fortune and Dimitri Schkoda
  • Sounds: 256 (two Blofeld banks)
  • Price: 39 € including VAT

In need of good ambient sounds for Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer? Then this two-bank (128+128 sounds) soundset might be the one you are looking for. This soundset requires Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard, or Waldorf Blofeld Desktop with installed Blofeld License SL. You then need to load HG Fortune sampleset to your Blofeld.

This soundset provides you plenty of ambient sounds and compared to the standard Blofeld patches the soundset converts your Blofeld into an ultimate ambient synth. The soundset also gives you a good starting point to your unique ambient sounds. I'd say that it is very hard to achieve such good results if starting from scratch. You definitely would need some ambient-oriented samples to base you sounds on. The standard Blofeld oscillators won't be enough to reach the results of this quality.

Sounds tend to sound blofeldish: bright and metallic. Most of the sounds are big and complex. They commonly use detuning, have no clear pitch or provide an evolving pitch so they are clearly targeted towards ambient soundscapes and not for pitch-oriented traditional music. The sounds are wide in stereo space which raises a question how easy it is to fit them into a mix.

The sounds are mostly complex ambient sounds. The sounds include some FM sounds but I'm not a fan of FM sounds. They sound hollow and thin in today's standards.

Sound number Sound category Sound name My comments
004 Pad Big Space an ambient style space pad with an evolving pitch
006 Pad BigComplex a detuned pad sound that probably don't fit in with other sounds
008 Atmo SciFi Movie1 hit a few low notes to create a dramatic effect
013 Atmo AlienAmbient this is an example of a sound that is very big, complex and evolving, but does it fit in in a song or mix with other sounds
017 Pad OldAnnaHorns one of the simplest sounds in this soundset, a nice analog-style synth brass sound
018 Poly BigFatSnH mw as the name suggest this is big fat analog-style synth sound for playing powerful melodies or rythmic chord progressions
021 Atmo HorrorMovie very ambient, very depressing
030 Atmo Premature a strong sound for creating circulating ambient drones, hit random keys and listen what comes out
032 Keys AtckFloater nice spacy synth keys sound not just for ambient music but for general use
033 Pad AsiaAtk Pad this could go to category Keys, nice airy synth key sound
037 Pad WideSawPad a stereo synth pad that can easily fill the whole sonical space, there is not much you can add on top of this
046 Keys Rusty Seq a little bit rough sound for synth melodies
047 Bass PowerSeqBass a very strong and rich synth bass sound
060 Pad Moon Singers try this: lay your hand on top of the keyboard and press a set of keys close to each other, then slide you hand up and down on the keyboard keeping keys pressed
061 Pad Moon Bells can be used for the same effect as the previous sound but this sound is a bit brighter
064 Pad OberProphet classic analog synth brass
088 FX Dark n Birds if not overused this sound with the birds makes a dramatic background
090 Pad Winter Ice works great in playing slow melodies with few long notes, could be the leading synth sound in a song from the ice planet
093 Atmo Icy Cave ambient from a depressing ice planet
102 Lead Sync Lead not just a lead sound, slap your hand to the keyboard and you get a powerful synth accent, then play with filters
110 Pad Swell String soft synth strings in wide space
111 Pad Slow Atck a typical slow attack synth pad
114 FX CreepingHorror for depressing ambient backgrounds
117 Pad A Lil' Gated pleasing synth pad sound with lfo-based rythmic component, check lfo2 settings to change, you could synch it to midi clock
119 Atmo Erich's docu very ambient sound, play a note or two and keep them going
125 FX Unwetter play this as a long note and low volume and you are travelling in space on a spaceship

The sounds appear to use more noise and perhaps also more distortion than HG Fortune sounds. The target audience is the same: those that are looking for complex high-quality ambient sounds. The sounds are often build so that oscillators 1 and 2 play wavetable sounds from HG fortune sampleset without a clear pitch and oscillator 3 adds the pitch to the sound. Tweaking the levels of the oscillators is then an easy way to tailor the appearance of the sound to your needs.

Sound number Sound category Sound name My comments
003 Pad Cave Dragonam minimalistic slow synth pad
017 Pad Passionata nice synth pad, resembles a little bit of an accordion (not much), works better with shorter release
022 Pad Mediation play long notes and repeat a simple pattern, so you have an effective ambient background
036 Drum Factory Loop could be used as a metallic accent but must figure out how to control the pulses (maybe synch them to midi clock)
045 Atmo Star Shuffle this sounds gives me mixed feelings, an unique and powerful sound, but how this could be used in a song and how could this fit into a mix
055 Pad A sad Heart a classical ambient pad, try chaning the levels of the three oscillators to alter the atmosphere
058 Atmo Blade Runner synth sound that could be in Pad category but has a very long release time, can be nice when you build a chord note by note
061 FX Cold Fear cold war horn
062 Pad StarFall the name says it all, all ambient soundsets must have a “star falling from the sky” sound
067 Pad No Nope a pad of no hope, contains subtones (bass tones) from oscillator 2 that you might like to filter out
069 Pad Iced Cave hit a note briefly, it's like somebody is in an iced cave and bangs the walls
082 Atmo Tmidous has an interesting click on release (note off)
083 FX Parallels Set filter 2 to bandpass and adjust resonance and cuttoff, and the world collapses
085 Pad White Snow Add a few high notes to add space crystals to your song
091 Pad Soft Ocean a relaxing soft synth pad
096 Lead Rich Lead ambient space synth lead
104 Keys Celeste Dance when the fairies dance around the moon
105 Atmo Sleepin Storm has hidden power, try this: hit a set of keys and let them play, then adjust filter 1 cutoff and resonance
112 Atmo My Angel wide space synth with attack, hit a chord, then another
120 Atmo Atmo bubling rythmic ambient background sound
127 Atmo Ambient hit a few low random notes and you have an ambient background
128 Arp Cosmic Slides nice arp combining computer sound and noise