Dokuwiki notes and tricks

Latest update 2023-02-17.

My preferred DokuWiki template is Bootstrap3. This site is using theme Cosmo. I also like United theme a lot. Before switching to Bootstrap3 I used to use Typowiki template.

  • Installed languages: en, fi
  • The content is divided into two language branches so that all URL's start with en or fi

Add to conf/local.php:


In conf/local.protected.php:

$conf['lang'] = 'en';
$detected_lang = preg_replace('/^(..).*/i','$1',$_REQUEST['id']);
if (strcmp($detected_lang, 'fi') == 0) { $conf['lang'] = 'fi'; }

What this effectively does: Sets language to English. Then scans the requested path and if it begins with “fi”, sets language to Finnish.

Edit file inc/template.php

Comment out code

     $out .= '<bdi>'.$fn.'</bdi>';
     $out .= ' · ';
     $out .= $lang['lastmod'];
     $out .= ' ';
     $out .= $date;
     $out .= ' '.$lang['by'].' ';
     $out .= editorinfo($INFO['editor']);
     $out .= ' ('.$lang['external_edit'].')';

Edit file lib/tpl/typowiki/tpl_functions.php

In function _tpl_discussion comment out most of the code.