Catz bulk intefrace

2021-04-25: This interface had its practical use until summer 2014. It is still available but considered deprecated.

The request is sent as HTTP GET and a plain text document is retured. The first line returned is an informational header. The following lines contain the data using the pipe character as a column separator. The fields retuned are

  • URL to hires photo file
  • URL to the correspoding page on
  • The name of the cat in the photo

In case of an error 404 is returned.

URL returns a list of the photos of the latest album having at least ten photos that have an indentified cat. The links to pages point to English pages. To get links to Finnish pages use

By providing additional parameters you can get a similar list of photos in any album. The required parameters are

  • d = date (YYYYMMDD or YYYY-MM-DD)
  • l = location

Examples of working requests:

Examples of non-working request returning 404:

Please verify the handling of the non-ASCII characters both in the request URL and in the response. Request contains an enocded ä and returns a result that includes a cat name Pörkarvan JakeSonOfJonatan that contains that can be used in verifying the data handling.