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 +====== Waldorf Streichfett ======
 +<WRAP info>Written in 2015.</WRAP>
 +Waldorf had already showed great innovations by releasing [[en:music:waldorf_blofeld|Blofeld]] and [[en:music:waldorf_rocket|Rocket]]. Then they released even more non-traditional synthesizer called Streichfett.
 +I am a big fan of string sounds. I found that with my [[en:music:waldorf_blofeld|Blofeld]] I was playing string sounds perhaps half of the time. So after my positive feelings on [[en:music:waldorf_blofeld|Blofeld]] and [[en:music:waldorf_rocket|Rocket]] getting a Streichfett was a natural next step.
 +===== Pros =====
 +  * Delivers a wide spectrum of evolving synth string and choir sounds in all-in-one box format. Can be set for anything from a dry thin 70's beeper to a ridiculously big and fat atmospheric string wall. 
 +  * To my ears the box sounds both very vintage and very good.
 +  * Is so unique that defines a new musical instrument class. 
 +  * All parameters can be accessed on the fly while playing so it is very easy to create evolving soundscapes and passages.
 +  * Effects included so can be used on its own unlike [[en:music:waldorf_rocket|Rocket]] that really needs some external effecting.
 +  * Looks cool.
 +===== Cons =====
 +  * Not for those who are looking for a general purpose synthesizer.
 +  * Not an actual con but if you use the effects too much they go easily way over the top.
 +{{tag>music hobby waldorf waldorf_streichfett musical_instrument synthesizer music_studio 2015 review}}