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 +====== Waldorf Rocket ======
 +<WRAP info>Written in 2013, latest update 2014.</WRAP>
 +Waldorf Rocket is a modern analog-sounding hardware monosynth created and made by a German company Waldorf.
 +===== Pros =====
 +  * Strong sound for leads and basses. This thing has a virtual analog oscillator and a true analog filter. The combination sounds very analog.
 +  * Direct access and editing of all parameters on the fly. Great for performances where sound is evolving while playing.
 +  * Interesting user intefrace design where every knob counts. It pushes the box beyond what a traditional monosynth can do.
 +  * Filter is very powerful and can be pushed to sound aggressive. The box includes even a boost switch to give even more saturation and overdrive.
 +  * Looks cool.
 +===== Cons =====
 +  * No control for attack of ADSR.
 +  * Sine wave available only via filter resonance so it is limited and it is hard to mix it with other waveform types.
 +  * No noise generator so limited ability to do for example percussive sounds.
 +  * The powerful sound is not so great if you want soft pad sounds. If you are looking for a soft-sounding synth then this is not a synth for you.
 +  * Not actually a con but as all synths that come without effects the bare box sounds dry and dull without delay, reverb etc. For example Boss TE-2 Tera Echo works well with many sounds.
 +{{tag>music hobby waldorf waldorf_rocket musical_instrument synthesizer music_studio 2014 2015 review}}