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Listing last updated 2022-01-15.

Artist Album Style Format Date Origin
FM Aphrodisiac Hard Rock MC Anttila Graniittitalo Helsinki
Faith No More King for a Day MC
Faith No More The Real Thing CD Ariman webstore
Fall Of The Leafe Vantage CD 15.9.2020 Levykauppa Äx
Fall Of The Leafe Volvere CD 15.9.2020 Levykauppa Äx
Firewind Forged By Fire Power Metal CD 3/2018 Levykauppa Äx
Flashdance Flashdance Pop MCR 6.3.1984
Flying Steps We Are Electric SD 1/2002 Anttila Asematunneli Helsinki
Focus (Jan Akkerman & Thijs Van Leer) Focus Progressive Rock LP mailorder
Force Majeure The Rise Of Starlit Fires CD
Foreigner 4 Hard Rock LP 2002 Traded to “Loud Crowd: Guardians” at December
Forgotten Suns Innergy Progessive Metal CD 28.3.2021 Levykauppa Äx
Forgotten Suns Fiction Edge 1 (Ascent) Progressive Metal CD 28.3.2021 Levykauppa Äx
Francesco Fareri Suspension Instrumental Metal CD 2017 Kane Records
Frederik 20 suosikkia Pop (Finnish) CD
Freedom Call Beyond Power Metal CD 8/2014 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
Freedom Call Crystal Empire Power Metal CD 7/2001 ENT Megastore Itäkeskus Helsinki
Freedom Call Eternity Power Metal CD 26.7.2002 CDON webstore
Freedom Call Stairway to Fairyland Power Metal CD ENT Megastore Itäkeskus Helsinki
Full Strike We Will Rise Traditional Power Metal CD 9.6.2002 Veljekset Keskinen Tuuri
Fullforce Next level CD 2017 EMP webstore
Fullforce One CD 2017 EMP webstore