The return of static site generator

2021-04-26: Work in progress…

I'm a maintainer of a few websites as a hobby and I'm facing a situation that their techologies are aging.

It is clear that in forthcoming years something must be done. Better act now.

Alternatives are

  1. Use a full-blown CMS
  2. Use a minimal CMS like Grav CMS
  3. Write something dynamic
  4. Use static site generator software like Jekyll or Hugo
  5. Write my own static site generator

The requirements

The basic requirements for the solutions are

  • Should have a minimum of ten years of practical painless lifetime.
  • Should be able to run both on Windows (workstation) and Linux (workstation, server).
  • I have written web content starting from 1994. This should be the last time I need to convert the content into a new format. In future the web frontend changes shouldn't required a massive content format conversion.

The solution should be able to handle


Static site generators have made a comeback. Using a static site generator would close the circle since I used to use a custom static site generator srcipt written in Perl from 2004 to 2011.

to be continued