About the site

This page was created 1994-10-22, latest update 2017-10-14. In Finnish: Tietoa sivustosta.

You are watching the latest incarnation of my personal website. I've been running a personal website since 22th October 1994. The site has been running

  • as a set static HTML pages from 1994 to 2004
  • based on an offline page generator I wrote in Perl from 2004 to 2011
  • on WolfCMS from 2011 to May 2013
  • on DokuWiki from May 2013 to current date

The latest rework for the site was done in October 2017. The project was to convert the site from two DokuWiki instances into a single instance.

You can contact the webmaster by sending an email to info at heikkisiltala dot net.