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 +====== Camera and lenses are not all you need ======
 +<WRAP info>​Written in 2005, latest update 2010.</​WRAP>​
 +If you are into serious photography,​ the first things you need are a camera body and one or more lenses. But in addition to these there are many things that are needed or come handy. Here are non-conclusive lists of things that I use or have used.
 +===== Things in active use =====
 +  * lens hoods for all my lenses (I use lens hoods on all lenses all the time)
 +  * protection filters for all lenses for the sake of lens front element protection and easier cleaning
 +  * the equipment bags: [[en:​photography:​camera_stuff:​lowepro_stealth_reporter_d650_aw]],​ [[en:​photography:​camera_stuff:​lowepro_nature_trekker_aw_ii]] and [[en:​photography:​camera_stuff:​lowepro_magnum_aw]]
 +  * [[en:​photography:​camera_stuff:​canon_ec_s]] for my [[en:​photography:​camera_bodies:​canon_eos_1d_mark_3|Canon EOS 1D Mark III]]
 +  * lens pen and microfiber lens cleaning cloths
 +  * the sensor cleaning set for sensor cleaning at home: Sensor Swap, Pec Pads, Eclipse fluid
 +  * [[https://​catza.net/​|catza.net]] customized [[en::​photography:​camera_stuff:​marumi_digital_pro_aircell]] camera strap
 +  * CF and SD cards and a reliable boxes to store them safely
 +  * spare batteries to keep the camera going all weekend (although this is pretty much not needed with [[en::​photography:​camera_bodies:​canon_eos_1d_mark_3|Canon EOS 1D Mark III]])
 +  * a car to get to the shooting locations (the current version is [[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=JasdrDuEWys"​|Honda Jazz 1.4i Comfort]]
 +  * a powerful desktop computer with a quality flat screen for post-processing purposes
 +  * Spyder 3 monitor calibration tool
 +  * photo editing software
 +===== Things that I sometimes use =====
 +  * [[en:​photography:​camera_stuff:​canon_angle_finder_c]]
 +  * Manfrotto tripod and Manfrotto monopod with plate attachment and tilt head
 +  * a natural density filter and a polarization filter
 +  * a laptop to browse the photos while on tour (I really can't work with photos with a small low quality display, without serious processing power and without all the software I have installed on my desktop computer
 +  * [[en:​photography:​camera_stuff:​kenko_ef_extension_tubes]] for macro work (those with EF electronics coupling)</​li>​
 +  * grey cards
 +===== Things no longer in use =====
 +  * [[en:​photography:​camera_stuff:​seculine_zigview_s2]]
 +  * [[en:​photography:​camera_stuff:​sigma_ef_500_dg_super]] with sets of rechargeable AAs and a charger
 +  * some flash bouncers and softboxes
 +  * a portable photo bank having a card reader and a 40 GB hard drive
 +===== About insurance =====
 +One more thing to consider is an insurance. Is a nice thing to know that if 
 +your equipment gets stolen you will get a full refund. My photography equipment
 +set has a purchase price of many thousands euros so I have decided to have an special insurance
 +to ensure that my hobby can go on even after such an unfortunate event.
 +{{tag>​hobby photography Manfrotto insurance 2005 2008 2009 2010}}