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 +====== Tokina 17mm f/3.5 AT-X Pro =======
 +<WRAP info>​Review of Tokina 17mm f/3.5 AT-X Pro ultra-wide-angle lens. Review created 2006, latest update 2013.</​WRAP>​
 +<​HTML><​iframe src="​https://​catza.net/​en/​embed/​lens/​Tokina_17mm_f-0473-0465_AT-045X_Pro/​c2a1f1l800s100g4/"​ scrolling="​no"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowtransparency="​true"​ style="​width:​800px;​ height:​100px;​ overflow:​hidden;​ border:​none;"></​iframe></​HTML>​
 +[[https://​catza.net/​en/​browse/​lens/​Tokina_17mm_f-0473-0465_AT-045X_Pro/​|catza.net photos: Tokina 17mm f/3.5 AT-X Pro]]
 +===== Facts =====
 +  * an underrated gem: almost a perfect 17 mm lens
 +  * estimated retail price 270 EUR (currently a discontinued product)
 +  * in my use from 5/2005 to current date
 +  * the last lens that I will give away
 +===== Pros =====
 +  * sharp results with great colors
 +  * already wide on 1.6x crop body and becomes even wider on 1.3x and full frame
 +  * full metallic structure with excellent build quality
 +===== Cons =====
 +  * as almost all wide angle lenses has tendency to show significant CA especially when not stopped down
 +  * could have a larger maximum aperture but it seems that no 17 mm lens gives more than f/3.5
 +  * rather heavy for such a small lens
 +  * ultra-wide-angle zooms have practically replaced ultra-wide-angle primes on the market
 +{{tag>​photography hobby review lens Tokina wide_angle_lens prime_lens 2006 2013 current_equipment}}