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 +====== Lensbaby Composer =======
 +<WRAP info>​Review of Lensbaby Composer special lens. Review created 2010, latest update 2013.</​WRAP>​
 +<​HTML><​iframe src="​https://​catza.net/​en/​embed/​c2a1f1l800s100g4/?​q=lens%3D%22lensbaby%20composer*%22"​ scrolling="​no"​ frameborder="​0"​ allowtransparency="​true"​ style="​width:​800px;​ height:​100px;​ overflow:​hidden;​ border:​none;"></​iframe></​HTML>​
 +  * catza.net photos: [[https://​catza.net/​en/​browse/​lens/​Lensbaby_Composer_-038_Double_Glass_Optic/​|Lensbaby Composer & Double Glass Optic]]
 +  * catza.net photos: [[https://​catza.net/​en/​browse/​lens/​Lensbaby_Composer_-038_Single_Glass_Optic/​|Lensbaby Composer & Single Glass Optic]]
 +  * catza.net photos: [[https://​catza.net/​en/​browse/​lens/​Lensbaby_Composer_-038_Soft_Focus_Optic/​|Lensbaby Composer & Soft Focus Optic]]
 +===== Facts =====
 +  *  the strangest lens: strange to use and you get strange results
 +  *  estimated retail price 200 EUR for the base and double class optic
 +  *  in my use from 1/2010 to current date
 +  *  I currenlty have the base, double class optic, single class optic, soft focus optic and the creative aperture kit
 +===== Pros =====
 +  *  if you are looking for something different then this could be it
 +  *  is not a toy
 +  *  rather nice images in terms of colors, contrast and sharpness compared to the toyish appearance of the lens
 +  *  swappable optics means that you can do a lot with this lens
 +  *  the base and double class optic is a good starting package since double class optic is often the most useful optic
 +===== Cons =====
 +  *  you have to invest not only money, you have to invest time to learn
 +  *  is 111 percent manual: focusing is manual and aperture disks (black rings) are changed manually
 +  *  the swappable optics means that you can can keep on buying more and more
 +{{tag>​photography hobby review lens manual_focus 2010 2013 current_equipment}}