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 +====== Catz bulk intefrace ======
 +<WRAP info>
 +Please note that the bulk interface described here are targeted to be used by [[http://​www.catshow.fi/​|www.catshow.fi]]. While the interface is made public it 
 +is subject to changes negotiated solely between ​
 +[[https://​catza.net/​|catza.net]] and [[http://​www.catshow.fi/​|www.catshow.fi]].
 +===== Listing the photos of an album =====
 +The request is sent as HTTP GET and a plain text document is retured. The first
 +line returned is an informational header. The following lines contain the
 +data using the pipe character as a column separator. The fields retuned are
 +  * URL to hires photo file
 +  * URL to the correspoding page on catza.net
 +  * The name of the cat in the photo    ​
 +In case of an error 404 is returned.
 +==== Photos of the latest album ====
 +URL http://​catza.net/​en/​bulk/​photolist/​ returns a list of the photos of
 +the latest album having at least ten photos that have an indentified cat. 
 +The links to pages point to English pages. To get links to Finnish pages
 +use http://​catza.net/​fi/​bulk/​photolist/​. ​
 +==== Photos of any album by date and location ====
 +By providing additional parameters you can get a similar list of photos
 +in any album. The required parameters are
 +  * d = date (YYYYMMDD or YYYY-MM-DD)
 +  * l = location  ​
 +Examples of working requests:
 +  * http://​catza.net/​en/​bulk/​photolist?​d=2004-08-01&​l=Helsinki
 +  * http://​catza.net/​fi/​bulk/​photolist?​d=20040801&​l=helsinki  ​
 +  * http://​catza.net/​fi/​bulk/​photolist?​l=tampere&​d=2010-09-05
 +  * http://​catza.net/​en/​bulk/​photolist?​d=2010-03-07&​l=Sein%E4joki
 +  * http://​catza.net/​en/​bulk/​photolist?​d=20100307&​l=seinajoki ​     ​
 +Examples of non-working request returning 404:
 +  * http://​catza.net/​en/​bulk/​photolist?​d=2003-08-01&​l=Helsinki (album not found)
 +  * http://​catza.net/​en/​bulk/​photolist?​d=20101224&​l=Sein%E4joki (album not found) ​  
 +  * http://​catza.net/​fi/​bulk/​photolist?​d=2004081&​l=helsinki (invalid date)  ​
 +  * http://​catza.net/​fi/​bulk/​photolist?​l=tampere&​d=2010-209-05 (invalid date)
 +  * http://​catza.net/​en/​bulk/​photolist?​d=2010-03-07 (only date supplied)
 +  * http://​catza.net/​en/​bulk/​photolist&​l=seinajoki (only location supplied)
 +Please verify the handling of the non-ASCII characters both in the request URL and in the response. Request http://​catza.net/​en/​bulk/​photolist?​d=2010-03-07&​l=Sein%E4joki contains an enocded //√§// and returns a result that includes a cat name //​P√∂rkarvan JakeSonOfJonatan//​ that contains////​ that can be used in verifying the data handling.
 +{{tag>IT 2012 Catz catza.net API inteface}}